September 2020: Seven women reported kidnapped, one released

Seven women were reported to have been kidnapped by armed groups in occupied Afrin in September. Only one has allegedly been released.

On September 6th, two women, Tolin Rashid and Medya Khanjar, were kidnapped by the Military Police and Turkish personnel. Both were allegedly affiliated with the local government in Mobata district. One source claimed that Khanjar is the daughter of Ibrahim Khanjar, whom they identified as a member of the local council.

Khanjar was reportedly released on or before September 13th. According to the Human Rights Organization – Afrin, a ransom of 600 to 1,000 Turkish lira was set for each of the detainees kidnapped in the operation.

On September 9th, Fatima Qara Mustafa was reportedly kidnapped from Jinderes, in a raid that also targeted the head of the Turkish-backed local council and other local government employees.

Earlier that day, a message posted by the Free Syria News Network, a pro-rebel Telegram channel, identified Qara Mustafa as the wife of Essam al-Bakr, who was also identified as one of the individuals kidnapped in the raid. The channel stated that Qara Mustafa had not yet been arrested, but accused her of espionage and called for her to be targeted.

On September 10th, Khadija Sari bint Abu Abdo was reportedly kidnapped from Jinderes by the Military Police. She was accused of dealing with the AANES, and reportedly worked at a privately-owned pharmacy.

Also on September 10th, a girl named Maryam Afdik Sheikho, born in 2003, was reportedly kidnapped by members of Ahrar al Sharqiyah. She was accused of dealing with the Autonomous Administration.

On September 19th, a 55-year-old woman named Aufa Sido was reportedly kidnapped by an unknown armed group while traveling from her home in Mahmudiyah neighborhood in Afrin city to visit relatives.

On September 23rd, a woman identified only as Zainab, the wife of Khalil Attar, was was reportedly kidnapped from Ashrafiyah neighborhood in Afrin city by members of Jabhat al Shamiyah. The group allegedly stole $2,500 from their home.