November 2020

11 women were reported to have been kidnapped in occupied Afrin in November. One has allegedly been released, while 10 others remain missing. Armed groups claimed to be responsible for kidnappings during this month included the Military Police, Ahrar al Sharqiyah, and Ahrar al Sham.

On November 2nd, Berivan Hiso was reportedly kidnapped from the village of Çobana by the Military Police, along with her husband. She was released the same day.

At least one source alleged that the family was targeted so that armed groups could seize their olive groves.

On November 23rd, four women were allegedly kidnapped from Baflorê village in Jinderes: Aisha Hassou Hamid, Farida Hammu Hussein, Amina Hamid Hanan, and Shafiqa Mohammed.

The Afrin Activists Network claimed that the Military Police were responsible for the kidnapping, while the Human Rights Organization – Afrin said that Ahrar al Sharqiyah was responsible.

According to the Human Rights Organization – Afrin, the four women have been accused of dealing with the AANES and are being held in Jinderes on a ransom of 2,000 Turkish lira each.

Also on November 23rd, Gula Nouri Rashid, Moulida Mohammed Jabo, Halima Musa Jouleh, and Asya Mohammed Jarro were kidnapped from Rajo district by Ahrar al Sham. Gula Nouri Rashid and Halima Musa Jouleh had both allegedly been kidnapped in 2018 and subsequently released on ransom.

On November 26th, Nourhamin Kilo and Josephine Sheikho Hamid were kidnapped from Anqele village in Sheikh al-Hadid district by the Military Police.

While a male relative kidnapped at the same time may have been released on ransom, according to the Human Rights Organization – Afrin, the two women are thought to have been transferred to Turkey.