February 2021

Five women were allegedly kidnapped in Afrin in February 2021. None were reported to have been released. Armed actors reported to be responsible for kidnappings of women in Afrin this month include the Military Police, the Civil Police, and Turkish security personnel.

On February 5th, Khalida Khalil was kidnapped from Afrin city by the Military Police and Turkish personnel, according to the Violations Documentation Center in Northeast Syria.

On February 15th, Havin Bakr Musa was kidnapped from Afrin city center by the Military and Civil Police while trying to travel to another village, along with her infant child. According to multiple sources, she has two other children, and her husband is disabled.

On February 23rd, three women— Suzan Battal Khader, Helin Battal Khader, and Amina Mustafa Qasim—were among many civilians detained in raids in the village of Basuta, after an explosion in a house killed two Afrin residents.

According to the Human Rights Organization – Afrin, Helin Battal Khader was the wife of one of the victims of the explosion. Suzan Battal Khader is the sister of Helin Battal Khader. Amina Mustafa Qasim is the mother of the other victim of the explosion.

The armed group responsible was not specified in any reports.